The idea

During 20 years, the designer Pierre-Alexandre Poulain has created artistic pieces of funiture made in steal.
To respond to requests for compositions increasingly important, he recently decided to partner with Pascal EVAIN to edit panels and decorative ensembles in aluminuim.

This is the origine of TREILLAGE …

TREILLAGE creates decorative panels made of aluminum (light and non-corrosive material), laser cut and painted with a particularly resistant epoxy lacquer. They thus have an exceptional durability and are naturally intended to be installed outdoors. They are fixed to the wall very simply with a few screws, protected by screw cover. The production is entirely made in France.

TREILLAGE plays with the full range of colors. The wide variety of possible shades opens infinite aesthetic horizons. Effects of gloss or matter are possible (matt or satin, smooth or rough … and always with the same durability on the outside).

The grounds
TREILLAGE offers a wide variety of aesthetic environments.

  • very classic, in the great French tradition of wood lattice-work
  • exotic, with Oriental or Asian inspirations …
  • more contemporary or vintage also …

… And the catalog is enriched continuously.

TREILLAGE offers panels in standard size “ready-made” or custom designs.
One panel, as a painting, illuminates a wall and gives it depth and poetry.

A complete architectural composition with several panels can be imagined too…